Spider Man 'Homecoming' Suit Revealed in New Trailer

Posted December 12, 2016

In fact, this trailer is really selling Homecoming as a superhero team-up between Spider-Man and his sardonic mentor, Iron Man.

"Don't do anything I would do".

Spider-Man: Homecoming will hit United Kingdom cinemas on 7 July, 2017.

Michael Keaton's Vulture is as ideal as you would naturally expect from an actor of his talent and with his experience within the genre. After all, this character is a petty thief in his original comic book incarnation and getting humiliated by Spider-Man would probably instill him with a thirst for revenge.

The first time we see the Vulture is terrifying. After getting some brief glimpses of him battling it out with Spider-Man in the new footage, Hasbro's given us an even better look at the cinematic version of Adrian Toomes. On the other hand, English actor Tom Holland didn't have any actual memories of the American high school experience to fall back on for Spider-Man: Homecoming.

You know, these damn trailers always seem to drop when I'm asleep here in Chicago. "I went to a school [in London] where you had to wear a suit and tie, and it's all boys". While his role in the film is probably going to be a lot smaller, these trailers are cut to make Homecoming look like a father/son bonding story between Peter Parker and Tony Stark.

After his satirical performance in Birdman, Michael Keaton made a decision to strap on a pair of wings again to play the Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming, marking a return to major Hollywood superhero movies 28 years after he wore the Batsuit in Tim Burton's Batman. Spider man has never been able to fly so far but this time with the help of his wings he will get to explore the skies. For now, we know that Peter has eyes for Liz Allan (Laura Harrier).