Donald Trump remains producer on 'New Celebrity Apprentice'

Posted December 11, 2016

Following his derogatory comments toward Mexican immigrants a year ago, NBC Universal distanced themselves from Trump, saying they would only air Celebrity Apprentice because he was completely removed from the series.

It is not clear if Trump will be paid for his work on the series.

Variety reported Thursday that MGM, the production studio behind the show, said Trump will remain an executive producer on the show that made him famous for a per-episode salary in the low five figures.

Trump's continued profit from a TV series is yet another unprecedented aspect of the election of a businessman and reality star to the presidency, with questions raised about how his holdings may intersect with his presidential decisions.

The New Celebrity Apprentice is being hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is also an executive producer of the new series.

The New Celebrity Apprentice will debut on American network NBC on January 2. His last episode in February 2015 put his business ties with the show at a standstill following his public commentary about Mexican immigrants being criminals and rapists.

Trump being on the payroll of a TV show may prove to be another potential conflict of interest.

Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks said Trump conceived "Celebrity Apprentice" with Burnett and "has a big stake in the show".

Donald Trump may be avoiding his responsibilities as the president-elect, but he's happily continuing with his role in producing reality television, and Kellyanne Conway has no problem with that. "Additional details regarding his business interests will be shared December 15th", she added. It's also important to note that NBC now owns several news networks including MSNBC and owns Saturday Night Live - the late-night satire sketch show now making headlines every Sunday morning for drawing the ire of PEOTUS Trump's Twitter account. This comes after Burnett released a statement in October denouncing the "hatred, division, and misogyny" that was part of Trump's campaign, but nobody makes money by having a backbone in Trump's America. However, Variety noted that past presidents have published books while in office so there is a precedent for a sitting president earning royalties while in the White House.