Hold on, this Baywatch teaser trailer actually looks good. Like, *really

Posted December 09, 2016

However, the showstopper in the trailer might have been Priyanka Chopra in her devious but sexy avatar as the film's villain Victoria Leeds. Watch the new two-minute trailer for Baywatch below.

We'll save you all a seat on the front row in the movie theater on 26th May. However, lately they've been trying new ways to appeal to audiences of classic TV and movies by shuffling up their genres... like what they've done with the new Baywatch starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Zac Effron and Alexandra Daddrio. She exposed her bosoms to the fullest in a deep cut gown and thus gave enough pleasure to her fans. The movie seems set up to be something of a buddy comedy, with Johnson and Efron's on-screen chemistry meant to be a clear selling point for the new film. On the other hand, the youngsters will be anxiously awaiting the "Baywatch" movie to see their beloved idol Zac Efron and his impressive built, fit for his role in the franchise. No Pamela Anderson cameo, as far as we can see.

When it was first announced the 90's TV show with David Hasselhoff was being turned into a movie, fans wondered if it be a campy remake like "The Brady Bunch" movie or something essentially different like "21 Jump Street".

Dwayne Johnson and Zac "V-shape" Efron star in Baywatch as two unlikely prospective lifeguards who patrol a beach in California. While on several instances the crew has affirmed us that this is going to be a fun ride, we barely get to see the hilarity ensue in the trailer.

The movie is a reboot of the Baywatch series of the 1990s, which starred David Hasselhoff and Anderson. An oil tycoon (Priyanka Chopra) wants to buy the beach - the lifeguards plan to stop her. Cue hard rock montages, Hollywood Spring Break scenes of hedonism, and much flailing in the water. Well! This confirmation has made the viewers more anxious and now they are just waiting to release their patience level by witnessing the happenings of Baywatch.