Green Party taking bid for election recount to federal court

Posted December 05, 2016

Saying it has become clear that "the state court system is so ill-equipped to address this problem", the statement said "we must seek federal court intervention". Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who paid $3.5 million to initiate a recount in the state, finished fourth garnering only about 1 percent support.

President-elect Donald Trump [official website] and his supporters filed legal challenges in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin [complaints] last week, in an effort to prevent recounts in those three states. Pennsylvania's top elections official, a Democrat, says there's no evidence of cyberattacks or voting irregularities.

Trump's attorneys asked the appeals court to act quickly as the state's electors are slated to cast their votes in the Electoral College on December 19.

Wisconsin's recount began Thursday, and one in MI could start this week.

In the popular vote, Clinton had more than 2.5 million votes over Trump, the independent Cook Political Report said.

Mr Trump surpassed the 270 electoral votes needed to win, with 306. Cobb, shortly after providing that update, then makes an interesting statement on the matter of the Wisconsin hand recounts.

"The Stein campaign will fight for a statewide recount in PA". He says "America's voting machines and optical scanners are prone to errors and susceptible to outside manipulation". But on Friday, Michigan's attorney general, a Republican, filed a lawsuit to stop a recount in his state.

"Pennsylvania has by far the messiest recount process of the three states, and one of the worst state election laws in the nation", according to Stein's news release.

Stein denied that the more than $6.5 million she's raised for the recount - far more than the almost $900,000 she collected for her 2012 presidential campaign and the $2.5 million she raised in 2016 as the Green Party nominee - is a list-building fundraising scheme.

Trump's lawyers had filed this week to block the recount effort, as the president-elect and his allies did in the other states.

Trump called Stein's push for a recount a "scam".

Meanwhile, Stein's campaign intends to continue its county-by-county recount effort in Pennsylvania, said attorney Larry Otter.

The left-wing candidate, who won about 1 percent of the vote in nationally, has sought recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and MI.

"Stein has not alleged that she can win Michigan's presidential election as the result of a recount, but instead contends that only vague assertions of being aggrieved are sufficient to trigger a recount of almost 5 million votes", Gordon wrote in the lawsuit.

The abrupt halt to the campaign's effort comes less than one week after Stein filed a recount petition in Commonwealth Court, contending the November 8 election was "illegal" and the results inaccurate.