Rainbow Six Siege Year 2 Pass detailed, available now

Posted December 02, 2016

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is off to a good start as the Year 2 season pass has already become available for users to purchase in the PlayStation Network and the Xbox Live.

See what you can get with the latest om Clancy's "Rainbow Six Siege" Second Season Pass.

According to the Bit Bag, there will be four new countries confirmed to have their own operators for the new season of the game.

Players can get the R6 Carbon charm with the Year 2 season pass. Finally, there's 600 R6 Credits, as another avenue to unlock cosmetics, and if you bought the first season pass, you'll get an additional 600 Credits. Those who play the game a lot will be able to unlock characters they want for free, which makes it easier to overlook the one-year long season passes for DLC.

With Year One wrapping up soon, Year Two has just been announced alongside a new season pass.

The pass itself comes with a number of base items, as well as a full year of VIP membership granting access to other benefits.

Notably, the "Rainbow Six Siege" first season pass is still available on the Xbox One store while the PS4 store replaced it totally. Well, they plan on extending the content expectations for seasons to come. For more information about the content then you'll have to wait until the Siege fan event Six Invitational on February 3rd through the 5th.

Game N Guide reported that Operation Red Crow would be the most recent expansion of Rainbow Six Siege.

Like the previous year, Ubisoft is planning to release four new add-ons in Rainbow Six Siege Year 2 so that means there will be four new maps in total.