Protesters against Aussie refugee treatment glue hands to Parliament railing

Posted December 02, 2016

Some protesters glued their hands to a front railing.

It comes after protesters yesterday shut down question time for over half an hour.

Australia's treatment of asylum seekers again came under fire from protesters in Canberra on Thursday.

In a rare move, Speaker Tony Smith rapidly suspended question time and three quarters of Liberal MPs left immediately.

Around 20 protesters linked arms in a public area of Parliament House in Canberra, Australia, on Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2016.

The demonstrators, claiming to be from the Whistleblowers, Activists and Citizens Alliance, shouted "close the camps" and "bring them here", while accusing both major Australian political parties - the Coalition and Labor - of being world leaders in cruelty.

The Australian Federal Police said no charges had been laid yet but that their investigation was ongoing.

However, many of them were dragged out from the chamber by guards.

"The actions match the urgency of the matter, this is a humanitarian crisis".

"I think it's a good question frankly to ask the magistrate in Queensland or the chief magistrate how they feel now".

"We're here because all parliamentarians have become complicit in the torture, rape and abuse of refugees", he told AAP.

"We are here today because the madness has to stop."
Security officers forced them into a lift and sent them to the building's basement.

The same group disrupted a business speech Mr Turnbull gave in Melbourne in August, with one protester making it onto the stage next to the Prime Minister holding a sign reading "FFS close the bloody camps".

The United Nations and right groups have denounced Australia's policy of mandatory detention for asylum seekers, saying it violates worldwide human rights law. The riot resulted in dozens of injuries, property damage and multiple arrests.