Pokémon Go's Nearby feature launched in Europe

Posted December 02, 2016

Developer Niantic have re-introduced the "Nearby" feature for select Pokémon Go regions. The mobile Pokemon collecting game stole the hearts of gamers when it first launched, then quickly drew their ire when the game ditched an important feature: the tracking tool. The latest rumors suggest that the "Pokemon Go" Christmas update will bring new features such as Holiday Hi-Jynx, 12 Days of Christmas and Double XP Bonus.

Pokemon Go developer Niantic has been teasing a update to the oft maligned "Poketracker" feature of the popular app. Niantic has finally pushed the new Pokemon tracker to the rest of the U.S. and "large parts of Europe" today after a lengthy limited access beta program that was in select areas of the US.

At of the time of writing, the feature is now unavailable in New Zealand, with the "Sightings" system still firmly in place. This was done to test the waters and make adjustments depending on the feedback the company received. After slowly expanding a testing program to regions of the US, Niantic is moving forward with a full rollout of the feature. Last week, it brought the new Nearby feature to many western territories in the United States and Canada, as well as all of Australia. Our goal is to to always improve on existing features where we can while also releasing exciting new content and functionality.

Pokemon Go is continuing the rollout of its new tracker.

Another "Pokemon Go" Christmas event feature is believed to be the 12 Days of Christmas wherein players will get 12 different surprises before Christmas day. Pokemon GO is available for free on iPhone and Android now.