Prescott, Cowboys Overpower Winless Browns 35-10

Posted November 08, 2016

On Sunday, Prescott answered the question of whether he could lead the Cowboys to a victory against a winless opponent the week before a game against a "big-name" opponent like the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Dallas dominated time of possession, 39:39 to 20:21 for the Browns.

On Sunday, one of the old Cowboys showed he can still ride.

"Obviously, not very good by us". And while there wasn't much to like about the Cowboys film, Jackson said "there have been some positives, so that has been the foundation". They punted twice, and their final drive ended when they took a knee to end the game; that drive lasted 13 plays and almost eight minutes.

While I'm not going to sound the panic alarms on the entire coaching staff, defensive coordinator Ray Horton is nearing the danger zone. Unfortunately, the muttering of him being a distraction seems unlikely to every go away, unless he just winds up refusing to stop wearing his emotions on his sleeve, which we all know will never happen.

"I just don't have a problem with this situation".

The Browns actually scored first in this game, on a 31-yard field goal from Cody Parkey. DuJuan Harris led the team in rushing and caught a 49-yard touchdown pass. I'm sure the head coach will certainly shoulder the blame for the defense, but eventually, someone has to point out the unmistakable. "They're going to hold him and we know that". No, I felt comfortable getting back in there. The Browns chose to buck that trend on Sunday. Dallas wasn't able to gain a first down and punted it right back to Cleveland, who took over at their 45. The offense had two first downs in the second half. In previous games, the final two minutes of a half resulted in some poor clock management and plenty of missed opportunities.

Former Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott led the National Football League in rushing heading into games played November 6.

Sure, some of that dominance, all the way through the red zone, came from the fact that the Cowboys were playing a bad defense. They won seven straight games. The 0-9 record ties the franchise mark for the worst start to a season.

After the scuffle, the Browns nailed a short field goal to go up 3-0.

Neither did the special teams mishaps. What makes that team so good, whenever you catch the ball, they have 11 people running at you.

This "no-name" defense continued to make plays and look great.

But Witten is a great football player and a great football mind.

Every loss, it stacks up. He did however got sacked four times throughout the game. Others feel as if it would be a awful decision to take Prescott out when he's playing so well. Cameron would rip David's helmet off and then threw it at him during the fight. The Cowboys almost doubled up the Browns in time-of-possession, 39:39 to 20:21. Earlier in the season, Jones always said that Romo would get his starting job back when he was healthy enough. Putting that aside, an offense who was able to put up five touchdowns on the day is simply no contest.

"It was just great play calls by (coordinator Scott) Linehan", Witten said. "I am going to continue to stay determined".

Cam Newton threw for 225 yards and a touchdown despite being sacked five times as Carolina improved to 3-5. He has to keep his poise. For the Cowboys and nearly all of their fans, things are all wonderful right now. We are not doing that. It's the fact that this team is not only winning games they are supposed to win, but they blew them out. "Dez is a guy we need". That is a lesson that we have to learn. You guessed it, the squirrel did.