N7 Day Brings New Trailer for Andromeda

Posted November 08, 2016

One of the most unique features is the choice factor: the decisions you make in the game affect the outcome of the story. "Representative of game experience", meaning that this is actually what the game will look like when it releases on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC next year.

"The journey to Andromeda begins now", the video's description says.

November 7, or N7 Day - a reference to Mass Effect's elite military organization, N7 - is a day when BioWare commemorates its sci-fi series through releases of downloadable content and other Mass Effect-adjacent things. The reward for those who will complete the program could be some freebies that will await beta users when "Mass Effect Andromeda" is launched come early 2017. The trailer is the most we've seen of the game and while there is no gameplay it sets the tone for what's in store. Bioware, which is also known for Dragon Age and Star Wars: The Old Republic, needed more time to develop the game. If you've already heard enough and want to secure your copy of the game, special editions have been fully detailed.

Obviously, BioWare has nothing to announce at this time concerning a Jade Empire 2 - much of the studio's focus is on showing off more of Mass Effect: Andromeda - but this short quote should be enough to keep the spirit alive. Their father Alec, voiced by none other than Mr. Krabs himself, is the "Pathfinder" responsible for moving humankind to a new habitable and Reaper-free planet. Now get ready to play them again as creative director Mac Walters has confirmed they will be returning to Mass Effect Andromeda. This year it's all about "Mass Effect Andromeda", and the developers offered up a very big cinematic trailer for fans to explore. On top of that, the games should look fantastic running through Xbox One, though we haven't had the chance to really take them through a field test just yet.

At the forefront of the N7 Day gifts comes this new cinematic trailer. This new galaxy opens up the story to new alien-races, new allegiances, new enemies and new mysteries.