#MemeOfTheWeek: Nasty Woman, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton And Janet Jackson

Posted October 23, 2016

No word on whether Hillary Clinton will use "Nasty" as her entrance music during any upcoming campaign stops.

Others, meanwhile, are trying to adopt the "nasty woman" slogan in a positive light.

Some used it to defend Trump and attack Clinton.

"You know what, she's saying some nasty things", Babin responded, chuckling.

Donald Trump calling a Hillary Clinton a "nasty woman" is one of the most far reaching soundbites from last night's final presidential debate.

Trending were #ImANastyWoman, #ImANastyWomanBecause, #NastyWomenVote and #NastyWomanUnite.

Spotify announced that people streaming Janet Jackson's song "Nasty" had gone up 250% between Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

And in all the online discussion, one Janet Jackson song seemed to be the biggest recipient of attention post-"nasty woman".

A new video mashing up Jackson's hit and Trump and Clinton debate clips quickly went viral.

As she continued talking Trump interjected, "Such a nasty woman". "And I think we've sadly seen that to include women and minorities and immigrants and the LGBT community".

After Colmes repeatedly pressed the Texas congressman, he said he agreed with Trump's assessment of Clinton as a "nasty woman".