Wikileaks reveals Hillary's remarks to Wall Street

Posted October 21, 2016

In what appear to be transcripts of her comments at the events in 2013, which were underwritten by Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

Her record of delivering paid speeches to one of the key Wall Street financial firms implicated in the 2008 financial crisis and ensuing housing foreclosure fiasco was a campaign staple for her Democratic primary rival Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who argued that she could not be relied upon to regulate firms by which she has been paid. Clinton says "we need to change the rules in the Senate" and say presidential nominees as well as "policies" deserve "an up-or-down vote".

Among other issues, Clinton is shown in the speeches offering opinions on financial regulations, relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin and the negative effects of previous WikiLeaks releases on USA foreign policy. "You guys help us figure it out, and let's make sure that we do it right this time", she reportedly said. She has refused to release transcripts of the speeches.

As with previous disclosures, Sunday's release includes information on how Clinton's campaign can appeal to black voters, how the candidate could handle apologies, and dealings with the media.

On Saturday, WikiLeaks dropped a new batch of emails it says were stolen from the archive of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. And we knew they were. "There is no getting around it", said Clinton spokesman Glen Caplin.

"I had grown men cry", Clinton recalled.

"I think the marginal utility of each successive dump gets less and less", Kaine said, noting people on the campaign trail want to talk about the issues facing the country.

The transcripts, all from 2013, include speeches and question-and-answer sessions with Clinton at a "Builders and Innovators Summit", an "Alternative Investment Management Summit" and a gathering of CEOS - all hosted by Goldman Sachs. "Oddly enough, the earliest email in the thread shows Merrill suggest that details about Mook "wearing polo shirts and using a standing desk" could "[excite] the likes of Ken Vogel and other conspiracy theorists to delve into how we're operating".