Hillary Clinton in Detroit for first public appearance after debate

Posted October 19, 2016

According to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, Clinton is getting 46 percent support from likely voters in a four-way matchup, which gives her a serious lead over Trump, who's behind at 35 percent.

During a campaign stop at Wayne State University Monday afternoon, Clinton again evoked a comment from First Lady Michelle Obama when describing Trump's conduct: "One of us went high, and one of us went low".

A 2005 video from the set of Access Hollywood in which Trump appeared to condone sexual assault, revealed Friday in The Washington Post, set the stage for a contentious opening segment of the debate.

Trump's recap of the debate came during a whirlwind rally that found the candidate moving from one contentious aspect of Sunday's proceedings to another.

It's clear that part of Trump's problem stems directly from the tape. 'You can do anything'.

The down ballot figures are likely to cause alarm among Republicans.

The scandal boosted Clinton's numbers in the poll. A new national poll shows fallout from Trump's falling numbers: 49 percent want Democrats in control of Congress, 42 percent say Republicans.

Among the voters who said they watched at least parts of the debate, 53 percent said Clinton won while 32 percent said Trump won.

Just 23 per cent of Republicans said the tape should lead to Republican representatives dropping their endorsement of Trump, or calling for the billionaire to remove himself from the presidential race.

"I'm not proud of everything that I've done in life", Trump acknowledged during the campaign rally.

The online poll shows Clinton with 50.23 percent to Trump's 44.09 percent. According to NBC, that's the Democrats' biggest advantage since the same question was posed in October 2013, amid the 16-day government shutdown.

Arguing Hillary Clinton doesn't "have the fortitude, strength or stamina to lead in our world", Donald Trump on Tuesday released a new television ad that draws attention to her recent health issues.