Google launches service to take Internet to India malls, cafes

Posted September 28, 2016

Most Americans don't even think about data usage while they scroll past autoplaying videos on websites like Facebook and Twitter. On its 18th birthday, the company wants more Indians at the party.

Through Allo and its support for Hindi, Google is looking to offer 'better and more relevant Google experiences for Indians, ' the company further said in a statement. The app is now being tested and will be available exclusively in India for some time.

Google also announced two updates to Chrome for mobile and Google Play. This means pages will load 2 times faster and save 90% of data. In addition to the Assistant, it also has the video-calling app Duo.

Starting this week, the Android app Google News and Weather adds a new feature called "Lite mode" for people on low-bandwidth connections.

Another pilot project, Google Station will be providing public Wi-Fi hotspots in various railway stations across the Indian subcontinent.

Announcing new features in Chrome, Rahul Roy Chowdhury, VP (Chrome), said that new product now saves data, have offline capabilities and has more accurate content discovery. Google understands the huge user base in India and it has announced Google Assistant will soon support Hindi language by the end of this year. It's the advanced version of Google Now that allows users to have a proper conversation, rather than asking pre-programmed questions.

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"Google is now capable of translating 100 languages and 12 of these are from India", he added. However, according to Mary Meeker's annual Internet trends report, it has already surpassed the internet users. Users have been using WhatsApp, sort of religiously, in India, for sometime now. This growth will happen in rural areas where penetration is particularly low.

If you were starting to wonder why Google was suddenly making a lot of India-centric announcements, it turns out that the reason is that Google For India, the company's second official event aimed at the Indian market, was taking place today. We dreamed up Maps Offline for India, but people in the United States and Europe are finding it just as useful.