Sanders, Warren to court Ohio millennials for Clinton campaign

Posted September 17, 2016

I understand that. But look at the hard issues that impact your lives and your neighbor's lives, and then think whether or not you want Donald Trump to become president.

Sanders, who issued the main challenge to Clinton for the Democratic nomination for president, received the support of 48 percent of likely Democratic voters who were asked their preference to replace Clinton should she drop out, a Rasmussen poll reported Friday.

Almost half of likely Democratic voters would like to see Vermont socialist Bernie Sanders replace Hillary Clinton on the Democratic ticket should her poor health force her out of the race, Rasmussen Reports finds.

"What Trump does is say, 'Okay, I see those problems and really the cause of the problems are Muslims, the cause of the problems are Mexicans, and he is dividing us up", he said.

Sanders went on to outline other parts of Clinton's plans. By contrast, President Barack Obama won 60 percent of this bloc in 2012 and 66 percent in 2008.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren of MA also plans to campaign for Clinton, as well as Ted Strickland, in Ohio. Of course my views are different than Clinton's on many issues.

"Look, I was a third-party candidate". In an advisory, her campaign said Sanders will "emphasize Clinton's plans to support millennials", touting her plans to make public college free for most, lift the minimum wage and tackle climate change.

Sanders would prefer that voters focus on the issues at hand. "Nobody ever asked me that", Sanders said. At a rally outside the Democratic convention, the Sanders supporter says she could afford a protest vote because she lives in solidly Democratic Massachusetts. In 60-second radio spots, the former governor of New Mexico introduces himself as a pragmatist who, like most voters, resented a presidential choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Senator Elizabeth Warren will also campaign for Clinton in Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio, this weekend, to "lay out the stakes of November's election for millennial voters". While the democratic socialist didn't win the Buckeye State, a CNN exit poll at the time reported him picking up 81 percent of the youth vote. For the Millennials he's hoping to sway, how effective of a Clinton surrogate is Sanders?

"If you frame it that way, people will end up voting for Clinton", Sanders said.

This week, Hillary for OH released a report which finds that, under Clinton's college plan, the New College Compact, 150,000 OH students would pay no tuition for a four-year college degree.