FBI releases Clinton email documents

Posted September 06, 2016

"On Thursday, September 8, Hillary Clinton will hold a rally in Charlotte, North Carolina to discuss her plan for an America that is stronger together and building an economy that works for everyone - and not just those at the top".

"I feel very good about the work of the foundation", she said during the joint interview with running mate Sen. "The Department reviewed all information submitted to it".

The latest developments highlight competing liabilities for Clinton. The first scenario plays into Republican arguments and voter concerns about her trustworthiness and transparency, while the second casts doubt on her pitch as a hyper-competent, detail-driven executive. "She stands up", Joe Biden said.

Both Hillary Clinton and vice presidential pick Tim Kaine will be in Cleveland on Labor Day to attend the 11th Congressional District picnic and parade in Luke Easter Park.

There have been a lot of questions about alleged pay-for-play at the foundation while Clinton was Secretary of State. "I wish I could delay [Disney] but the problem is she keeps emailing [Clinton] directly and is quite anxious to talk so I don't think I can push her an entire week", wrote Abedin on July 23, 2012.

The FBI director said the government found no direct evidence that Clinton's private server was hacked but said foreign government hackers were so sophisticated - and the server would be such a high-value target - that it was unlikely they would leave evidence of a break-in. The highlighted emails centered around a moment widely considered a Clinton success....

Friday's release of internal investigative documents by the FBI was a highly unusual step, but one that reflects extraordinary public interest in the investigation into Clinton's server. Yes, this allegedly competent woman thought people put paragraphs in alphabetical order and that, for some reason, only the third-or "C"-paragraph needed to be marked". That particular email had been marked as classified at the confidential level, the lowest level of classification. "But nevertheless, I take it seriously". Though Clinton has often limited her disclosures, and continues to avoid full-scale press conferences, Trump has done less. There has also been a focus on benefits such as paid sick leave.

Samuelson later told Federal Bureau of Investigation she transferred any emails sent or received from a.gov and.mil email address into a folder to be handed over to the State. But she told agents there were never so many suspicious emails to cause concerns.

In one instance, the emails show Amitabh Desai, a foreign policy adviser to the Foundation and to Bill Clinton, raised the possibility in 2009 of a meeting between the former President and Assad. "I got around it all by not saying much and not using systems that captured the data".

Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, have followed the traditional approach for presidential nominees by releasing returns for 30 years, at the cost of stories about their vast income from speaking fees and other outside endeavors.