Jill Stein Flies to Wrong City to Give Speech

Posted September 04, 2016

At the time her speech was supposed to happen, about 100 people were on the lawn at Capital University.

But Stein, who has made public health issues a key part of her campaign, said Detroiters have a right to get water. Of Sanders and Stein, she said, "they're kind of like a mirror image of each other".

But according to a Columbus Dispatch reporter on the scene, she was expected to be two hours late for the event after accidentally flying to Cincinnati instead.

As you can imagine, the Internet guffawed at Stein's expense.

Jill Stein is running fourth in the overall presidential race with roughly half or less of the support of Libertarian Gary Johnson.

"We have a generation that's been basically thrown under the bus. they are locked into debt that they can not repay", she said. "But I have to say, Hillary's track record ... when you look at what she's done, it's absolutely terrifying", Stein said, citing the bombing in Libya and a proposed no-fly zone over Syria that she said could plunge the United States into a possible nuclear war with Russian Federation.

Johnson recently campaigned in the state and is better known among New Hampshire voters than Stein, according to a July poll from the University of New Hampshire Survey Center.

"It's hard (for Stein to win) but if people don't choose the lesser of two evils and pick Jill, Jill has a shot", Kennedy said.

"I think she has good intentions, but there's a lack of trust", Kennedy said.

Let's hope the White House is easier to find. It's unclear if they will all hang around while Stein drives up from Cincinnati but pizza's are being ordered to thank people for their patience. Considering she called her competitors "fossil fuel-funded candidates who are continuing to fan the flames of the burning planet", it seems she has a lot of soul-searching to do.