FBI publishes notes on Clinton's use of private email

Posted September 04, 2016

Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon has said turning over the documents was "an extraordinarily rare step that was sought exclusively by Republicans for the purposes of further second-guessing the career professionals at the Federal Bureau of Investigation".

The release comes as Clinton's lead over Donald Trump has been cut in half since her post-convention bounce last month, according to CNN's Poll of Polls released Thursday.

"Consistent with our commitment to transparency with respect to the FBI's investigation of former Secretary of State Clinton's use of a personal email server, the FBI is providing certain relevant materials to appropriate congressional committees to assist them in their oversight responsibilities in this matter, " the FBI said in a statement Tuesday.

Hillary Clinton told federal investigators she did not recall all the briefings she received on handling government records while USA secretary of state because of a concussion suffered in 2012, according to a summary of the probe released on Friday. On more than 2,000 occasions classified material was exposed on her private server, including highly sensitive Top Secret information and intelligence.

Mrs Clinton was also asked about a 2011 email that caught the attention of investigators in which she directed one of her advisers, Jake Sullivan, to transmit a set of talking points and turn it "into nonpaper w/no identifying heading and send nonsecure". He said that Clinton had been truthful with agents during her interview.

"Clinton thought a "nonpaper" was a way to convey the unofficial stance of the U.S. government to a foreign government and believed this practice went back '200 years, '" she said, according to interview notes.

Let alone, the investigation's report pointed out Clinton expressed no formal understanding of the use of "C" as an acronym to signify "Classified".

"She relied on State officials to use their judgment when emailing her and could not recall anyone raising concerns with her regarding the sensitivity of the information she received at her email address", according to the documents.

The FBI did not recommend that the Justice Department file charges against Clinton for her use of the private server, but Director James Comey said Clinton was "extremely careless" in handling classified information.

"Be very careful", Powell cautioned Clinton in an email. And she insisted her use of the private server was for convenience, not an attempt to evade Freedom of Information Act requests or government record-keeping laws.

The mass deletion occurred after the March 2, 2015, Times story and after a March 3, 2015, preservation order from the House Benghazi Committee to retain and produce documents related to her email accounts. Clinton had said none was classified at the time they were sent. During her interview, Clinton was shown some of those emails, but typically did not recall the details.

But Clinton aide Justin Cooper recalled at least two instances where he "destroyed" the secretary's old Blackberry cell phones, according to Federal Bureau of Investigation documents.

It was also revealed that Clinton was never given a mobile device for official business, but, connected her work and personal email accounts to her personal Blackberry.