Vladmir Putin arrested after causing ruckus in Florida supermarket

Posted August 31, 2016

Police arrived at the scene and took Putin into custody and charged him trespassing and resisting and officer without violence.

Florida police arrested Vladimir Putin at a grocery store where he allegedly began yelling at employees on West Palm Beach.

Putin appeared in court this week and is now being held at a West Palm Beach detention centre.

The 48-year-old was screaming at employees at the Publix at Rosemary Avenue and Fern Street, the manager told city police on the afternoon of August 21.

An initial appearance was made by Putin in court yesterday. No, not THAT Vladimir Putin. The deli aisle brawl occurred in Baldwin Park, Florida, and was captured on cell phone video, the original version of which went viral with more than one million views. They wound up grappling and then landing haymakers on each other. It's a guy from Florida who is also named Vladimir Putin.

It's unclear what the man's real name is or his address, but the police report indicates he is 48-years-old.